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Every Technique, Every Tool, and Every Strategy (the same responsible for building multiple 7 figure Course Funnels in the last 9 months)


Join the 5-Day Course Funnel Workshop where I’ll show you my streamlined non-complicated system for building a high-converting Funnel for your courses as fast as possible without getting overwhelmed.

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Launch your Funnel, Scale and Automate your Course Sales to consistent 6-7 Figures Monthly without Losing Your soul to unnecessary work

Let’s face it, you want to make more money consistently

You wish you can have more time and freedom for yourself while consistently generating cash.

Yet, when the idea of making more money CONSISTENTLY comes to you, the only thing that runs into your mind is to do more work.

And while working more sounds very logical, it ends up draining you and even when you make more, you don’t feel it.

There is almost no difference.

You wish to scale your business to make 6-7 figures consistently.

So you keep creating more and more offers, doing more sales calls, and replying to all DMs with the hope that it will all lead to sales to keep up with your target income.

You work more and more while having less time for yourself.

You are overwhelmed, and you feel the need to automate a consistent cash flow for yourself.

In the last 9 months, I’ve been able to help course creators and coaches scale their expert business to 7 figures consistently. I can help you too.

Having A Sales Funnel That Converts “Clicks to Cash” is The Key To Generating Consistent Sales For Your Course!

But how do you manage to do that despite the drama that comes with building a Sales Funnel?

Hi, I’m Daniel Oladimeji,

And if you have ever wanted to scale your creator business to its next phase,

then I’ll love to introduce you to my simple, yet most effective Funnel system…

That has been responsible for generating consistent 7 figures in sales for me and my clients in the last few months.

and once I show you how you can use this kind of funnel in a saturated market of yours

(Where sales is becoming more like a battle)

To sell out your digital products easily….

Bringing in consistent sales for you…

And making you a lot of money without losing your soul to work

Or being all over the internet or even in people’s DMs trying to close them manually for your products


Your Sales Process would never be the same again!

Or you’ve tried before, but it flopped….

When I show you how this 4-Step Funnel Process works….

And how you can flip it over to bring in massive sales for your brand

Without having to be available 24/7 persuading people in DMs or calls

or burning money on ads that fail to convert each time….

Or spending unnecessary hours trying to design sales pages that might never convert!

You'll Be Stunned at How Easy It Could Be To Have a High Converting Funnel Done in Less Time!

Don’t Take My Word For It... See what others are saying!

Doesn’t matter the stage you are in your business….

With this Funnel system,

You can easily set up funnel that would start pulling in sales from your traffic.

And in just a matter of 30-90 days,

You could have 10x your sales….

The best part is, you don’t need any foreknowledge about funnels.

It doesn’t even matter where you are currently at your business…

Whether you’ve tried it before, or you’re just in search of that one funnel that’d change your sales game forever,

Or whichever kind of niche you are into:

Parenting & Relationship, Biz Opportunity, Health, Real Estates, Finance & Investment etc…

This 4-step Funnel system I’d be showing you Can Help You Scale Your Business To Its Next Figures Easily!

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