The Easiest Method That 906 Nigerian Entrepreneurs Are Using to Close Deals Worth #25,000-#2,000,000

And How You Can Close Mouthwatering Deals too… Even if You've Never Closed Any Deal Before!

  • These 26 Nigerians offer services.
  • Some of them teach students on WhatsApp…
  • Others teach in a course…
  • Another generates leads for businesses…

  • And there are designers and WhatsApp marketers too.

Dear friend…

In a minute, I'll tell you exactly what made me become a millionaire…

And how I've helped others become millionaires in a short time too.

It's a secret method that's also very easy.

You see…

Three years ago, I was in a network marketing company and I learnt some closing tricks.

I was pumped after each training, went out to talk to as many people as possible and ended up bringing in only one person a month.

It was frustrating and I had to give up completely a year later.

Now I look back and laugh at how I struggled…

Because all I needed was one thing.

The same method I'll reveal in a minute.

That has made my friends and I millionaires.

You don't need to spend money on ads or to organize zoom trainings hunting for clients.

Once you apply this method, you'll ATTRACT prospects to become your clients.

Take any 100 entrepreneurs who offer online services…

85 struggle to make up to 50k a month,

While just about 15% make 500k a month and more.

Look at Chibuike who made 3 million naira in 3 months…

Amanda who made 2 million…

Habeebat who made 94k in 1 week.

The secret they use…

Is positioning.

And like Amanda put it,

Anyone can achieve positioning if they're serious with it.

How would I know if you're serious?

I charge Nigerians 50,000 naira for just one consultation and mark them as someone who will probably be serious minded.

But every year…

I launch a generous birthday offer and let people come in for less than the price of a pair of sneakers.

The truth is most people won't get back to you.

And some have the money but aren't convinced enough to buy from you.

So they tell you that they don't have the money.

Take a moment and think about it:

Why do you think influencers like Prof Emmanuel Akpe, Kenny Nwokoye and Fortune Nnamdi make millions, while your valuable class can't sell well?


Position yourself to attract people and money.

Last year, on the 29th of April, I taught 160 students how to position themselves and make good money for 2,000 naira each.

This year…

On the 29th of April, I'll be teaching 100 people how to close hot deals.

The most important thing is that I have also created a $1000 challenge to help you make your first $1000.

Your first $1000 or 500k in 30 days.

Most people make millions within three months after learning positioning…

And applying positioning well…

So 500k is quite a modest goal to start with.

If you would like to know how to position yourself well…

 All you need to do is invest 5000 naira into yourself today.

P.S. My last birthday offer cost 2000 naira…

And frankly, this is the least you can ever get my services for.

My next birthday I will be higher priced-nothing less than 10k.

Don't wait till another year and continue struggling till then.

You might think that you have other expenses to cater for at the moment…

But this method can single-handedly change the course of your life to become a millionaire if you apply positioning well.

So click on the button below to get in.

Only 12 days left till the offer ends and will never come back.


I am helping just 100 people.

60 Nigerians joined the challenge by the 1st of May…

Which means just 40 more people will be allowed in…

And I won't be here to update the stats everyday.

There might be just 20 or 10 spots left.

Once the group is filled with 100 people for the challenge, I'll come here and delete this page.

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